par Vandooren, Françoise ;Menz, Emilie
Référence UNICA Scholarly Communication Seminar: Academic Libraries & Open Science: how to meet the challenges? (9th: 14-15 October 2019: Vilnius University, Lithuania)
Publication Non publié, 2019-10-15
Communication à un colloque
Résumé : In 2012, the Library and University Press (UP) were integrated in the department of “Libraries and scientific information”. Previously, the UP belonged to the department of research. Since the Library and UP came together, close collaboration has developed on different levels. Indeed, the library and the UP share the same overall objectives: provide access to scholarly information to support student learning and research excellence, and contribute to research results dissemination and preservation. With common views and missions, they intend to tackle substantial challenges in order to meet the researchers’ needs and practices. In that framework, both are facing some common challenges: improve their services; be closer to the way researchers do research, disseminate their results and interact nowadays; adapt the Library’s and UP’s missions. In this presentation, we provide practical examples of collaboration between the Library and the UP, and highlight the benefits that both have gained from this collaboration.