par Garcia-Patron Sanchez, Raul ;Fiurasek, Jaromir ;Cerf, Nicolas
Editeur scientifique Cerf, Nicolas ;Leuchs, Gerd;Polzik, E. S.
Référence Quantum information with Continuous Variables of Atoms and Light, Imperial College Press, London, page (121-139)
Publication Publié, 2007
Partie d'ouvrage collectif
Résumé : It is shown that a loophole-free Bell test can be achieved using continuous variables of light. A feasible optical setup is proposed for this purpose, based on a non-Gaussian state of light and high-efficiency homodyne detectors. The non-Gaussian entangled state can be generated from a two-mode squeezed vacuum state by subtracting a single photon from each mode using beam splitters and standard low-efficiency single-photon detectors. A Bell violation exceeding 1% can be attained with 6 dB squeezed light and an homodyne efficiency around 95%. A detailed feasibility analysis, including the effect of the detector efficiency, the electronic noise, the impurity of the non-Gaussian state, and the probability of false triggers, suggests that this method opens a promising avenue towards a complete experimental Bell test.