par Nagels, Carla
Référence 19ème congrès annuel du European Society of Criminology (19/21-09-2019: Ghent)
Publication Non publié, 2019-09-21
Communication à un colloque
Résumé : My communication aims to show that the peculiarity of the object WCC has helped to rethink the boundaries of criminology and the delimitations of its object. Making research on WCC makes it possible to greatly expand the field of criminological research. Starting from typically criminological questions, it forces the criminologist to shift his analytical perspective to other fields, alongside strictly criminal proceedings. It cannot focus only on what has been defined as a crime under criminal law because it than ignores the processes of primary criminalization and the role that powerful economic actors play in these processes. Nor can the criminologist work solely on the criminal justice system when he wants to understand how institutions deal with this type of behaviour, because it is a denial that most of these behaviours are dealt with elsewhere by actors who handle other forms of action.