par Faldi, Giuseppe ;Fisher, Axel ;Moretto, Luisa ; [et al.]
Référence Springer Nature, Cham, Switzerland, Ed. 1
Publication Publié, 2021-10-16
Direction d'ouvrage
  • African Cities Through Local Eyes - Experiments in Place-Based Planning and Design
Auteur:Faldi, Giuseppe; Fisher, Axel; Moretto, Luisa; et al.
Informations sur la publication:Springer Nature, Cham, Switzerland, Ed. 1
Statut de publication:Publié, 2021-10-16
series:The Urban Book Series
Sujet CREF:Urbanisme et architecture [génie civil]
Urbanisme et architecture (aspect sociologique)
Géographie urbaine
Technologie urbaine
Architecture et art urbain
Aménagement du territoire
Géographie humaine et aménagement du territoire
Volumes/pages:320 p.
regional and urban planning
Note générale:Endorsements (Kabata Kabamba, Haïm Yacobi, Marcello Balbo)
1. Five Points for Conceptualizing Place-Based Approaches to African Urban Planning: An Introduction
(Giuseppe Faldi, Axel Fisher and Luisa Moretto)
2. Re-Inscribing the Communal: Towards Decolonial Urban Futures
(Chadzimula O. Molebatsi)
3. Urbanisation without Urbanity, Modernity without Modernisation. Recording “Biographical Trajectories of Houses” in the Dendi Rural Region (North Benin)
(Jean-François Pinet)
4. Designing the Diaspora: Expressing African Heritage in Historic Charleston
(Nathaniel Robert Walker)
5. Nature-Based Solutions for Public Green Spaces in Sub-Saharan Africa - Integrating Place-Making and Green Infrastructure
(Juanee Cilliers, Sarel Cilliers and Louis Lategan)
6. Slums as Opportunities? Spatial Organisation, Microeconomy and Self-Made Infrastructures in Freetown Informal Settlements
(Federico Monica)
7. Divergent Practice: Architecture as a Multidimensional Impact Tool in Rural Lesotho
(Garret Gantner and Costanza La Mantia)
8. Teaching Design in a Post-Rainbow Nation: A South African Reflection on the Limits and Opportunities of Design Praxis
(Jhono Bennett)
9. Urban Resilience and the Question of Food in Ethiopian Urbanisation: The Case of a Small Town in Ethiopia – Amdework
(Teshome Tefera Tola, Ahmed Z. Khan and Fisseha Wegayehu)
10. Transnational Urban Spaces. Production Locations of the Global Clothing Industry in Ethiopia
(Elke Beyer and Anke Hagemann)
11. Learning from Selembao: An Alternative Approach to Kinshasa’s Urbanization, Using the Concept of Mboka Bilanga
(Gery Leloutre, Pietro Manaresi and Giuseppe Macaluso)
12. Households’ and Community Initiatives toward City Resilience: The Case of Flood Resilience in Dar es Salaam
(Genet Alem and Ally Hassan Namangaya)
13. Motivations to Co-Produce Water, Hygiene and Sanitation Services in the Peri-Urban Area of Kinshasa
(Jean-Pierre Ilito Boozi and Luisa Moretto)
14. The Government Systems-Trust-Collective Action Nexus: The Case of Amdework
(Lia G. Woldetsadik)
15. Local Solid Waste Management Practices in the City of Zinder in Niger
(Abdou Kailou Djibo and Mahamadou Mounir Zakari)