Résumé : The relationship between cognitive function and breath-holding time is in need of further investigation. We aim to determine whether cognitive mobile games (CMG) are sensitive enough to assess the link between cognition and breath-holding time in non-trained subjects. Thirty-one healthy subjects participated in this study. A set of 3 short CMG: Must Sort (response control), Rush Back (attention, working memory) and True Color (mental flexibility, inhibition) was used. Apneic time was recorded in three different conditions: Total Lung Capacity (TLC): 88 ± 35 s, Functional Residual Capacity (FRC): 49 ± 17 s, and Residual Volume (RV): 32 ± 14 s. In males, breath-holding time at RV was correlated with True Color (r = 0.48) and Rush Back (r = 0.65) and at TLC with True Color (r = 0.45). In women, breath-holding time at TLC and FRC was inversely correlated with Must Sort (r = -0.59 and r = -0.49 respectively). Males and females appeared to differ in their use of cognitive resources during different breath-holding conditions.