Résumé : This paper presents the shunt damping of a unimorph piezoelectric mirror intended to be used as an active secondary corrector in future space telescopes. We propose to take advantage of the actuation capability of the piezoelectric mirror, to increase its natural damping during the critical launch phase of the spacecraft. The piezoelectric actuators, intended to be used for active optics, are shunted on a passive resistive and inductive RL circuit during the launch operation. The proposed concept is verified numerically and experimentally on a piezoelectric deformable mirror prototype, developed on behalf of the European Space Agency. We show that the shunt damping significantly reduces the response of the most critical mode of the mirror (− 23 dB) as well as the stress in the mirror when subjected to a typical vibro-acoustic launch load. This reduces the risk of damaging the mirror during the delicate launch phase, without increasing the complexity of the design.