Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The complex of Uapaca kirkiana is revised in the northwest of the Zambezian region (Angola, D. R. Congo, Zambia) based on herbarium taxonomy. Five taxa are recognised, i.e. Uapaca kirkiana Müll. Arg. var. kirkiana, U. kirkiana var. gossweileri (Hutch.) Meerts, U. kirkiana var. benguelensis (Müll. Arg.) Meerts, U. teusczii Pax f. teusczii and U. teusczii f. pilosa (P. A.Duvign.) Meerts. A determination key is provided. Specimens lacking curly hairs on leaves have long been misinterpreted or overlooked. The name Uapaca teusczii Pax is resuscitated to accommodate such specimens. New diagnostic characters of U. teusczii are highlighted including a glabrous ovary, anthers with ciliate connectives and the pubescent calyx of female flowers. U. teusczii is a characteristic species of the wet miombo, widespread in Katanga and Kwango (D. R. Congo), extending locally to Angola and N Zambia. A lectotype is selected for U. albida, U. homblei, U. kirkiana var. benguelensis, U. kirkiana var. gossweileri, and U. teusczii f. pilosa; second-step lectotypification is provided for U. munamensis.