Résumé : Rubella infection is a vaccine preventable disease. Maternal infection during pregnancy may lead to congenital infection and severe foetal malformations. Thanks to antiretroviral therapy, perinatally HIV-infected women have better prognosis and are now experiencing pregnancy. We evaluated the rate of rubella seronegativity in a cohort of HIV perinatally-infected women of childbearing age. A high rate of seronegativity was found in this group as compared to age-matched non-perinatally infected HIV-infected women (34.5% vs 6.90%, p < 0.01). MMR administration before rubella testing was identified in 75.8% of perinatally-infected women (22/29) with a mean of 2 doses (range: 1–3 doses). HIV perinatally-infected women of childbearing age should be screened repeatedly for rubella immunity.