Résumé : People perceive and treat women as sex objects in social exchanges. The interactionprocesses through which women are objectified, however, have rarely been considered.To address this gap in the literature, we propose the Social Interaction Model ofObjectification (SIMO). Rooted in social exchange and objectification theories, the SIMOpredicts objectifying behaviours stemming from sexual goals between men and women.We propose that the behavioural dynamics of objectification can be understood througha series of goal-based exchange processes that are shaped by patriarchy. Articulating theSIMO and its predictions for behaviour in social interactions, we describe the scant socialpsychological studies in this area. Not only is the SIMO useful for understandingobjectifying interaction processes, but it can be used to understand why womensometimes evaluate objectification positively as well as instances of sexual violence.Finally, we discuss critical directions for future research and provide promisingmethodological approaches for testing the SIMO.