Résumé : Metastable β-type Ti alloys with non-toxic addition elements such as Mo, Zr, Sn, Ta and Nb were developed as an alternative to the widely used Ti-6Al-4V alloy for biomedical applications. These alloys possess enhanced biocompatibility and reduced elastic modulus in comparison with Ti-6Al4V. Moreover, for orthopedic implants, low Young's modulus is required in order to avoid the stress shielding phenomenon. This study analyzes the microstructure and mechanical properties of a new Ti-12Mo-8Nb alloy after hot swaging, annealing at 950 ºC for 1h and water quenching. The alloy was characterized by X-ray diffraction, optical microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. Tensile tests were performed at room temperature. Young's modulus and hardness values were also measured. The structural characterization reveals a metastable β structure containing only a small amount of α and ω phases. Exhibiting a lower Young's modulus than Ti-6Al-4V and other previously studied Ti-Mo-Nb alloys, the Ti-12Mo-8Nb alloy can be a promising alternative for orthopedic application.