Résumé : Introduction: The first laparoscopic treatment of splenic artery aneurysm (SAA) was performed in 1993. Since then, many papers have been published mentioning different laparoscopic treatment modalities, including splenectomy, aneurysmectomy, ligation or even occlusion. Patients and methods: An updated literature review of the English medical literature using the following MeSH, ‘Lapaorscopic splenic artery aneurysm’, ‘laparoscopic aneurysectomy’, ‘Laparoscopic Splenic artery Aneurysm Ligation’ and ‘Laparoscopic Splenic artery aneurysm excision’ was done. Also three cases performed at our institutions are discussed, in terms of techniques, morbidity, mortality and postoperative outcomes. Results: About eight case series and 16 case reports were retrieved from the literature. Different techniques were described by the authors, including splenectomy, aneurysmectomy, splenic aneurysm ligation or even occlusion. Few morbidity cases were reported and none of the authors has mentioned a single mortality case. In our three cases, the postoperative course was uneventful, with good long-term results. Conclusions: Despite the variations in the adopted operative techniques, the laparoscopic approach seems to be harmless. However, no treatment algorithm or consensus has been published.