Résumé : Diffusion of methane diluted in supercritical carbon dioxide is studied by experiment and molecular simulation in the temperature range from 292.55 to 332.85 K along the isobars 9.0, 12.5 and 14.7 MPa. Measurements of the Fick diffusion coefficient are carried out with the Taylor dispersion technique. Molecular dynamics simulation and the Green-Kubo formalism are employed to obtain Fick, Maxwell-Stefan and intradiffusion coefficients as well as shear viscosity. The obtained diffusion coefficients are on the order of 10−8 m2/s. The composition, temperature and density dependence of diffusion is analyzed. The Fick diffusion coefficient of methane in carbon dioxide shows an anomaly in the near-critical region. This behavior can be attributed to the crossing of the so-called Widom line, where the supercritical fluid goes through a transition between liquid-like and gas-like states. Further, several classical equations are tested on their ability to predict this behavior and it is found that equations that explicitly include the density are better suited to predict the sharp variation of the diffusion coefficient near the critical region predicted by molecular simulation.