Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The reactivity of bidentate Au III -Cl species, [(C^N)AuCl 2 ], with a bisphosphine or carbon donor ligands results in reductive elimination. Combined experimental and computational investigations lead to the first evidence of a direct intramolecular C(sp 2 )-N(sp 2 ) bond formation from a monomeric [(C^N)AuCl 2 ] gold(iii) complex. We show that bidentate ligated Au(iii) systems bypass transmetallation to form C(sp 2 )-N(sp 2 ) species and NHC-Au-Cl. Mechanistic investigations of the reported transformation reveal a ligand-induced reductive elimination via a key Au III intermediate. Kinetic studies of the reaction support a second-order rate process.