par Peeters, Didier
Editeur scientifique Peeters, Didier
Organisme financeur Espon
Référence The Functional Urban Areas Database, Espon 2013 database technical report, page (19)
Publication Publié, 2011-03-01
Partie d'un rapport
Résumé : As a joint venture between 3 challenges of the Espon DB project (Urban data, Local data and Time series) and starting from the results of the previous Espon program we provide an update of the database of the Functional Urban Areas (FUAs) and Morphological Urban Areas (MUAs), as well as their inter-relations. Not only is it enhanced, it is also fundamentally enriched by the quality of the data provided, as the Functional Urban Areas (FUAs) are now delineated for most of the European countries of the Espon space at the LAU2 level.The FUAs are defined as labor basins of the MUAs which are themselves defined as densely populated areas, all this independently from any national, administrative or political definitions, but based instead on pure statistics.The main quality and advantage of these FUAs are their simple and universal definition throughout Europe, making them comparable in all the countries where they were delineated.Moreover we have also produced a list of indicators for these FUAs.