Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Germ cell tumors primarily affect adolescents and young adult men. They occur much less commonly in older patients. The definition of elder age in this kind of tumors, as the detailed clinical and treatment characteristics in this age group are lacking. According to the literature, germ cell tumors are infrequent in men aged more than 50 years old, and there is a predominance of seminomatous histologic subtype. Here we report the case of a 56 years old male patient who was initially diagnosed with pure testicular seminoma at the age of 55. He underwent a right orchiectomy and didn’t receive an adjuvant treatment for a pure seminomatous germ cell tumor, staged pT1 with rete testis invasion. Unfortunately, he suffered from a retroperitoneal relapse of his disease 9 months after the surgery. He received a first line chemotherapy consisting of 4 cycles of Etoposide and Cisplatin. He tolerated very well the treatment with an excellent response and without developing any related toxicity. He is currently in complete remission on regular follow up. This case report and review of the literature are to emphasize on germ cell tumors diagnosed after the age of 50 years old. This category of patients should be treated with full curative surgical and cytotoxic treatments, as it is done in the younger population, in order to achieve a good overall response rate. However, they require careful observation and increased supportive care for better treatment tolerability and thus better outcome.