par Malaisse, Willy
Référence Glucose-sensing Receptor in Pancreatic Beta-cells, Springer Singapore, page (1-28)
Publication Publié, 2018-07
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Résumé : The history of the research on the glucose receptor represents the main matter of the present chapter. A short introduction mentions two reviews published in 1972 and introduces the concept of a pancreatic islet B-cell glucoreceptor. Attention is then drawn to the anomeric specificity of glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and its possible metabolic determinants. The verbal care required for the use of the glucoreceptor word is duly underlined. Examples of the modulation of key enzyme activity in insulin-producing pancreatic islet cells by D-glucose itself or one of its metabolites are then provided in the framework of the interaction of phos- phorylase a with D-glucose anomers, the activation of glucokinase by a fructose- 1-phosphate-sensitive regulatory protein, and the activation of phosphofructokinase by fructose-2,6-bisphosphate. The riddle of L-glucose pentaacetate insulinotropic action, the effects of artificial sweeteners on insulin release, and last but not least, the presence of the sweet taste TIR3 receptor in pancreatic insulin-producing islet cells are eventually and duly also considered.