Résumé : Kunara is a 7-10 ha site located near the modem city of Suleymaniyeh (Iraqi Kurdistan). It is being excavated since 2012, and has mainly levels dating to the last centuries of the 3rd millennium BC. The aim of this paper is to present the results of the 4th excavation season in 2016. Three areas were opened, all in the lower town. In Area E, a small house was excavated, against the eastern wall of the monumental building identified in 2015. In Area B, we continued the excavation of the public edifice found in 2012. Its plan gets clearer as well as its occupation sequence. The work in Area C concentrated on the two northern buildings and on the half-sunken cellar. A more recent level probably dated to the Iron Age and an older one (its date remains unknown) have also been recognized. New cuneiform tablets were found, albeit badly preserved, belonging to the same archive: the flour office. All areas yielded lithic artefacts and pottery. In 2016, we started the 3D recording of the excavation areas by stereo-photogrammetry.