par Crombez, Patrick;Michiels, Sandra ;Bron, Dominique
Référence Current opinion in oncology, 30, 4, page (205-211)
Publication Publié, 2018-07
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Purpose of review Migration is increasing worldwide, with accumulating evidence of health disparities. At the same time, oncology faces new challenges within a fast-changing care landscape. These two developments raise the question of integration of migrants and ethnic minorities (MEMs) and cultural influences in oncology. Recent findings Perceptions of health and disease differ substantially across and within societies and cultures. However, health needs of MEMs and cultural influences seem often out of the scope of cancer care. The purpose of this thematic review is to consider three major challenges of current and future oncology through the prism of culture and ethnicity: enrollment in cancer clinical trials, therapeutic adherence, and new models and paradigms of care. We found inconsistent literature highlighting gaps in knowledge, research, and clinical practice. This confirms unequal situations for MEMs in cancer and asserts interactions between culture influences and therapeutic transactions. Summary To eliminate the burden of health disparities and ensure the best outcomes in MEM's cancer patients, a collaborative approach from research and clinical practice is necessary. Only robust research from all countries exploring unmet needs of MEMs and striving for functional understanding can inform and innovate clinical practice.