Résumé : Nucleotides play a role in inflammation processes: cAMP and cGMP in the endothelial barrier function, ADP in platelet aggregation, ATP and UTP in vasodilatation and/or vasoconstriction of blood vessels, UDP in macrophages activation. The aim of this study is to develop and validate a LC/MS-MS method able to quantify simultaneously nine nucleotides (AMP, cAMP, ADP, ATP, GMP, cGMP, UMP, UDP and UTP) in biological matrixes (cells and plasma). The method we developed, has lower LOQ's than others and has the main advantage to quantify all nucleotides within one single injection in less than 10 min. The measured nucleotides concentrations obtained with this method are similar to those obtained with assay kits commercially available. Analysis of plasma and red blood cells from healthy donors permits to estimate the physiological concentration of those nucleotides in human plasma and red blood cells, such information being poorly available in the literature. Furthermore, the protocol presented in this paper allowed us to observe that AMP, ADP, ATP concentrations are modified in human red blood cells and plasma after a venous stasis of 4 min compared to physiological blood circulation. Therefore, this specific method enables future studies on nucleotides implications in chronic inflammatory diseases but also in other pathologies where nucleotides are implicated in.