• A clinical pharmacodynamic (Pd) and pharmacokinetic (Pk) phase I study of I.V. R101933, an inhibitor of MDR1 P-glycoprotein (PgP) given alone and in combination with Taxol in patients with solid tumors
Auteur:Awada, Ahmad; Bourgeois, Pierre; Cornez, Nathalie; Bleiberg, Harry; Mccabe, Scott; Gil, Thierry; Lehmann, F.F.; de Valeriola, Dominique; Di Leo, A.; Piccart-Gebhart, Martine; et al.
Informations sur la publication:(1999), Clinical Cancer Research, Vol. 5, page (3833)
Statut de publication:Publié, 1999
series:s, 513
Sujet CREF:Cancérologie