Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : In this paper, we extend the recent analysis of the new large D limit of matrix models to the cases where the action contains arbitrary multi-trace interaction terms as well as to arbitrary correlation functions. We discuss both the cases of complex and Hermitian matrices, with U(N)2×O(D) and U(N)×O(D) symmetries respectively. In the latter case, the new large D limit is consistent for planar diagrams; at higher genera, it crucially requires the tracelessness condition. For similar reasons, the large N limit of tensor models with reduced symmetries is typically inconsistent already at leading order without the tracelessness condition. We also further discuss some interesting properties of purely bosonic models pointed out recently and explain that the standard argument predicting a non-trivial IR behavior in fermionic models à la SYK does not work for bosonic models. Finally, we explain that the new large D scaling is consistent with linearly realized supersymmetry.