par Barnich, Glenn ;Boulanger, Nicolas
Référence Journal of mathematical physics, 59, 5, 052302
Publication Publié, 2018-05
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : We extend previous work on antifield dependent local Becchi-Rouet-Stora-Tyutin (BRST) cohomology for matter coupled gauge theories of Yang-Mills type to the case of gauge groups that involve free Abelian factors. More precisely, we first investigate in a model independent way how the dynamics enters the computation of the cohomology for a general class of Lagrangians in general spacetime dimensions. We then discuss explicit solutions in the case of specific models. Our analysis has implications for the structure of characteristic cohomology and for consistent deformations of the classical models, as well as for divergences/counterterms and for gauge anomalies that may appear during perturbative quantization.