par Vanfleteren, Thomas ;Foldes, Tomas ;Liévin, Jacques ;Herman, Michel
Référence Molecular Physics, 113, 24, page (3934-3945)
Publication Publié, 2015-12
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : We have recorded between 6561 and 6671 cm- 1 the spectrum of jet-cooled ammonia seeded in Ne, Ar and Kr, using continuous wave cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CW-CRDS). The equivalent absorption pathlength was around 750 m. Three bands are assigned to Π(11)←Σ(00), Π(11)←Π(10) and Δ(?)←Π(10) in the 2NH, 1+3←GS transition of the ortho NH3-Ar dimer. They are rotationally analysed and a simultaneous fitting procedure, together with one far-infrared ground state band from the literature is successfully achieved. A possible Mj-dependent cooling process is reported. Only the first of these bands is observed in the ortho NH3-Kr dimer, and rotationally analysed. Individual line perturbations and anomalous line broadening effects are reported. A J-dependent vibrational predissociation lifetime with a mean value around 0.6 ns is obtained for the Π(11) sub-state in NH3-Ar and NH3-Kr. Two additional bands are assigned to NH3-Ar involving close Π upper sub-states. A group of close bands from the para dimer is identified in NH3-Ar. The energy of all observed ortho and para sub-states is extracted from the analysis. Finally, more bands are reported but their carriers could not be identified.