par Aoyama, Shigeyoshi;Baye, Daniel Jean
Référence Physical Review C, 97, 5, page (1-6), 054305
Publication Publié, 2018-05
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The Jπ=0± continuum structures in He4 are investigated by using an ab initio reaction theory with the microscopic R-matrix method. In the Ex≥∼20 MeV excitation energy region of He4, the continuum states are mainly described by the t+p, h+n, and d+d channels. The Jπ=0± elastic phase shifts of the t+p and h+n channels show an apparently resonant behavior which might indicate the existence of excited 03+ and 02- resonance states of He4 above the known 02+ and 01- ones. However, the corresponding 03+ and 02- resonances have not been observed yet, although an experimental candidate with a large decay width is reported for 02-. In this paper, by analyzing the Jπ=0±S matrices, we discuss why the observation of these states is unlikely.