par Préat, Alain ;Boulvain, Frédéric
Référence Annales, Societe Geologique de Belgique, 105, 2, page (273-282)
Publication Publié, 1982
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Detailed sedimentological study of the Vaucelles quarries allowed the definition of a standard sequence of 12 carbonate microfacies comparable to those of recent carbonate platform environments. The sedimentation depends essentially on the migration of tidal channels, the destruction of oolitic bars and the development of algal mats. Correlation by sequential analysis with the reference section of the Givet Group shows that the quarries correspond to the Trois-Fontaines Formation. However, the succession at Vaucelles appears in considerably reduced thickness, which may be due to the presence of a submarine high in this area.-from English summary