par Mendlewicz, Julien
Référence Revue de Medecine, 21, 3-4, page (125-128)
Publication Publié, 1980
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The contribution of hereditary factors in depressive disorders is analysed in the present article. Primary depressive disorders may currently be divided into two major groups, bipolar depressive syndromes of the manic-depressive type, and monopolar depressive syndromes of the depressive type. A brief review of studies in twins and of family studies of bipolar depression of the manic-depressive type is presented. On the basis of these studies, the author discusses genetic hypothesis of manic-depression. Different genetic hypothesis are reviewed, with particular emphasis on the hypothesis of a dominant, hereditory, X chromosome-linked transmission. The genetic factors are similarly reviewed in the heterogeneous group of monopolar depressions, wuth emphasis on the different depressive subgroups in this large category. Finally, the author also considers the possible relationship between bipolar manic-depression and the group of schizophrenic disorders, attempting to determine the place of dysthymic schizophrenia.