par Atanasova, M.;Benova, Evgenia ;Degrez, Gérard ;Van Der Mullen, J.J.A.M.
Référence Journal of physics. Conference series, 982, 1, 012006
Publication Publié, 2018-03
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Plasmas for biomedical applications are one of the newest fields of plasma utilization. Especially high is the interest toward plasma usage in medicine. Promising results are achieved in blood coagulation, wound healing, treatment of some forms of cancer, diabetic complications, etc. However, the investigations of the biomedical applications from biological and medical viewpoint are much more advanced than the studies on the dynamics of the plasma. In this work we aim to address some specific challenges in the field of plasma modelling, arising from biomedical applications-what are the plasma reactive species' and electrical fields' spatial distributions as well as their production mechanisms; what are the fluxes and energies of the various components of the plasma delivers to the treated surfaces; what is the gas flow pattern? The focus is on two devices, namely the capacitive coupled plasma jet and the microwave surface wave sustained discharge. The devices are representatives of the so called cold atmospheric plasmas (CAPs). These are discharges characterized by low gas temperature-less than 40 C at the point of application-And non-equilibrium chemistry.