par Mondo, Emilie
Editeur scientifique Foret, François ;Calligaro, Oriane
Référence “European Values”. Challenges and Opportunities for EU Governance, Routledge
Publication Publié, 2018
Partie d'ouvrage collectif
Résumé : Human dignity has been institutionalized in EU (European Union) treaties. Politically consensual but culturally sensitive, it is increasingly challenged by the growing politicization of morality issues such as abortion and human embryonic stem cell research. The chapter investigates both the substantial controversies and the political effects of human dignity in EU bioethics politics. A qualitative analysis of discourses of 21 civil society organizations and members of the European Parliament sheds light on the consensus-building/conflict-breaking potential of human dignity. The results show that its schizophrenic nature – as a technical and ethical frame, as a consensual and divisive value – mirrors the Janus-faced nature of the EU’s motto: “United in diversity.”