par Fresnoza-Flot, Asuncion ;Nagasaka, Itaru
Editeur scientifique Nagasaka, Itaru;Fresnoza-Flot, Asuncion
Référence Mobile childhoods in Filipino transnational families. Migrant children with similar roots in different routes, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke & New York, page (23-41)
Publication Publié, 2015
Partie d'ouvrage collectif
Résumé : The complexities of the childhood experiences of migrant children who experience growing up in at least two sociocultural dimensions pose analytical and methodological challenges to studies of migration, transnational families and childhood. In this chapter, we lay out the analytical framework we developed in the course of our collaborative study of 1.5-generation Filipinos — the ‘mobile childhoods’ lens. This perspective refers to the socially constructed life states of migrants aged below 18 who experience fluxes and movements in different contexts related to migration. We argue here that young migrants grow up continuously adapting to different overlapping contexts that both require and contribute to their resiliency. Paying attention to these contexts appears therefore important to unlock migrant children’s agency, subjectivities and self-making through time.