par Tesse, Robin ;Stichelbaut, Frédéric T. ;Pauly, Nicolas ;Dubus, Alain ;Derrien, Jonathan
Référence Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research. Section B, Beam interactions with materials and atoms, 416, page (68-72)
Publication Publié, 2018-02
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The activation of concrete is a real problem from the point of view of waste management. Because of the complexity of the issue, Monte Carlo (MC) codes have become an essential tool to its study. But various codes or even nuclear models exist in MC. MCNPX and PHITS have already been validated for shielding studies but GEANT4 is also a suitable solution. In these codes, different models can be considered for a concrete activation study. The Bertini model is not the best model for spallation while BIC and INCL model agrees well with previous results in literature.