Résumé : The cross section of the [Formula Presented] reaction was determined by in-beam measurements at energies [Formula Presented] relevant to the nucleosynthetic p process. At [Formula Presented] the γ angular distributions were obtained by using one HPGe detector of 80% relative efficiency, whereas at [Formula Presented] they were measured by means of an array of four HPGe detectors all shielded with BGO crystals for Compton background supression. Three of them had a relative efficiency [Formula Presented] whereas the remaining one had [Formula Presented] From the resulting cross sections, that lie in the 0.5-μb–5-mb range, astrophysical S factors and reaction rates have been derived. Cross sections, S factors, and reaction rates have also been calculated by means of the statistical model code MOST. A very good agreement between the experimental data and the theoretical predictions has been found. © 2003 The American Physical Society.