par Bartholomeu, Daniella Castanheira;Teixeira, Santuza Ribeiro S.M.R.;El-Sayed, Najib N.M.A.;Telleria, Jenny;Svoboda, Michal
Référence American Trypanosomiasis Chagas Disease: One Hundred Years of Research: Second Edition, Elsevier Inc., page (429-454)
Publication Publié, 2017-02
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Résumé : This chapter covers the Trypanosoma cruzi genome organization and content including a historical perspective of the effort to sequence the reference strains as well as more recent comparative genomic studies. Unique mechanisms of control of gene expression in trypanosomatids are discussed with an emphasis on T. cruzi and recent transcriptome profiling of the parasite. Finally, advances in genetic manipulation and gene disruption are described, including the most recent application of genome editing approaches that have opened new avenues towards future comprehensive functional analyses of the genome.