Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : We point out that in the minimal left-right realization of TeV scale seesaw for neutrino masses, the neutral scalar from the right-handed SU(2)R breaking sector could be much lighter than the right-handed scale. We discuss for the first time the constraints on this particle from low-energy flavor observables and find that the light scalar is necessarily long-lived. We show that it can be searched for at the LHC via displaced signals of a collimated photon jet and can also be tested in current and future high-intensity experiments. In contrast to the unique diphoton signal (and associated jets) in the left-right case, a generic beyond-standard-model light scalar decays mostly to leptons or jets. Thus, the diphoton channel proposed here provides a new avenue to test the left-right framework and reveal the underlying neutrino mass generation mechanism.