par Basset, Nicolas ;Geeraerts, Gilles ;Raskin, Jean-François ;Sankur, Ocan
Référence Leibniz international proceedings in informatics, 80, 123
Publication Publié, 2017-07
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : In this paper, we study the notion of admissibility for randomised strategies in concurrent games. Intuitively, an admissible strategy is one where the player plays 'as well as possible', because there is no other strategy that dominates it, i.e., that wins (almost surely) against a superset of adversarial strategies. We prove that admissible strategies always exist in concurrent games, and we characterise them precisely. Then, when the objectives of the players are !-regular, we show how to perform assume-admissible synthesis, i.e., how to compute admissible strategies that win (almost surely) under the hypothesis that the other players play admissible strategies only.