Résumé : Background/Objectives The epidemiology, natural history, complications, and therapeutic management of chronic pancreatitis (CP) are not well described at the national level. This multi-centre prospective observational study involving eight Belgian hospitals aimed to improve the understanding of these aspects of CP in Belgium. Methods All patients with a diagnosis of CP based on imaging were eligible for this study. Data were gathered regarding epidemiology, etiology, CP complications, and treatment modalities. Results A total of 809 patients were included between 1/9/2014 and 31/8/2015. Most patients (794) were adults ≥16-years old, 74% were male, the median age at symptom onset was 47 (38–57) years, the median disease duration was 7 (3–13) years, and the median Izbicki pain score (IPS) was 96 (0–195). The main etiological risk factors according to the TIGAR-O classification were alcohol and tobacco (67%). Current drinkers had lower body mass index (BMI) (21.4 kg/m2 vs 24.1 kg/m2), higher IPS (110 vs 56), and longer inability to work than non-drinkers. Current smokers had lower BMI (21.5 kg/m2 vs 25 kg/m2) and higher IPS (120 vs 30) than non-smokers. Endocrine insufficiency and/or clinical steatorrhea was recorded in 41% and 36% of patients, respectively. The highest IPS was reported in patients with ongoing endotherapy (166 vs 50 for patients who completed endoscopy). Conclusion This multicentric study on CP patients showed that current alcohol drinking and smoking are associated with pain and malnutrition. Pain scores were higher in patients with ongoing endotherapy, independently of surgery.