par Leclercq, Michèle
Référence International journal of insect morphology & embryology, 5, 4-5, page (241-252)
Publication Publié, 1976
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The anatomy and morphogenesis of female genital tract of Euproctis chrysorrhea L. is examined. The principal events are: the appearance of the rudiments of gonads and gonoducts at the beginning of postembryonic development, and 4 ectodermal imaginal discs on the 8th and 9th sternites; after a resting period during each larval stage, the 4 ectodermal discs fuse at the beginning of metamorphosis to form a "genital pouch" with differentiated parts; formation of the bursa copulatrix, spermatheca, common oviduct, vagina and the colleterial glands from the pouch, and fusion with the mesodermal oviduct; formation of the 2 genital apertures ("ditrysien type") and cellular differentiation of all the parts of the genital tract. © 1976.