Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : We investigate the 9Be+208Pb elastic scattering and fusion at energies around the Coulomb barrier. The 9Be nucleus is described in α + α + n three-body model, using the hyperspherical coordinate method. The scattering with 208Pb is then studied with the Continuum Discretized Coupled Channel (CDCC) method, where the α + α + n continuum is approximated by a discrete number of pseudostates. Optical potentials for the α+208Pb and n+208Pb systems are taken from the literature. We present elastic-scattering and fusion cross sections at different energies, and investigate the convergence with respect to the truncation of the α + α + n continuum. A good agreement with experiment is obtained, considering that there is no parameter fitting. We show that continuum effects increase at low energies.