par Peerenboom, Kim ;Khaji, Maryam ;Degrez, Gérard
Référence Journal of physics. D, Applied physics, 50, 19, 195201
Publication Publié, 2017-04
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : We present a quasi-1D model to study the influence of supersonic expansion on the non-equilibrium vibrational distribution function in CO2, relevant for the energy efficient splitting of CO2. The model includes 21 vibrational levels and state-to-state vibrational kinetics. It is found that the amount of non-equilibrium after the expansion is strongly dependent on the nozzle geometry. The highest degree of non-equilibrium is found for moderate Mach numbers. The inflow pressure appears to have a negligible effect on the degree of non-equilibrium. Lowering the inflow temperature has a beneficial effect on the vibrational distribution function.