Résumé : Bone marrow and adipose tissue represent the two most commonly exploited sources of adult mesenchymal stem cells for musculoskeletal applications. Unfortunately the sampling of bone marrow and fat tissue is invasive and does not always lead to a sufficient number of cells. The present study describes a novel sampling method based on microbiopsy of skeletal muscle in man, pigs, dogs and horses. The process includes explant of the sample, Percoll density gradient for isolation and subsequent culture of the cells. We further characterized the cells and identified their clonogenic and immunomodulatory capacities, their immune-phenotyping behavior and their capability to differentiate into chondroblasts, osteoblasts and adipocytes. In conclusion, this report describes a novel and easy-To-use technique of skeletal muscle-derived mesenchymal stem cell harvest, culture, characterization. This technique is transposable to a multitude of different animal species.