par Dudas, Emilian;Goodsell, Mark M.D.;Heurtier, Lucien ;Tziveloglou, Pantelis
Référence Nuclear physics. B, 884, 1, page (632-671)
Publication Publié, 2014
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : In the context of supersymmetric models where the gauginos may have both Majorana and Dirac masses we investigate the general constraints from flavour-changing processes on the scalar mass matrices. One finds that the chirality-flip suppression of flavour-changing effects usually invoked in the pure Dirac case holds in the mass insertion approximation but not in the general case, and fails in particular for inverted hierarchy models. We quantify the constraints in several flavour models which correlate fermion and scalar superpartner masses. We also discuss the limit of very large Majorana gaugino masses compared to the chiral adjoint and Dirac masses, where the remaining light eigenstate is the "fake" gaugino, including the consequences of suppressed couplings to quarks beyond flavour constraints. © 2014 The Authors.