par Errera, Maurice Leo ;Brunfaut, Maximilienne
Référence Experimental cell research, 33, 1-2, page (105-111)
Publication Publié, 1964
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Mitotic figures of HeLa cells exposed to 3H-cytidine for short periods (2 to 10 min) and further incubated in non-radioactive medium have been observed. During prophase there appears to be a migration of nuclear RNA towards the cytoplasm, There does not seem to be any uptake of cytidine into RNA during mitosis in the chromosomes or in the spindle; the spindle RNA therefore seems to be formed before mitosis. RNA synthesis resumes very rapidly after mitosis, and radioactivity, associated with chromatin, already becomes visible during late telophase; however, non-radioactive basophilic areas are also visible (nucleoli ?), giving the impression that they are formed from RNA synthesized prior to mitosis. © 1964, Academic Press, New York and London. All rights reserved.