Résumé : Objective To test and compare the sensitivity to change of a communication analysis software, the LaComm 1.0, to the CRCWEM's using data from a randomized study assessing the efficacy of a communication skills training program designed for nurses. Methods The program assessment included the recording of two-person simulated interviews at baseline and after training or 3 months later. Interview transcripts were analyzed using the CRCWEM and the LaComm 1.0 tools. Results One hundred and nine oncology nurses (mainly graduated or certified) were included in the study. The CRCWEM detected 5 changes out of 13 expected changes (38%) (e.g., more open directive questions after training) and the LaComm 1.0, 4 changes out of 7 expected changes (57%) (e.g., more empathic statements after training). For open directive question, the effect sizes of the group-by-time changes were slightly different between tools (CRCWEM: Cohen's d = 0.97; LaComm 1.0: Cohen's d = 0.67). Conclusions This study shows that the LaComm 1.0 is sensitive to change. Practice implications The LaComm 1.0 is a valid method to assess training effectiveness in French. The use of the Lacomm 1.0 in future French communication skills training programs will allow comparisons of studies.