Résumé : Whether or not periodic general health examinations (GHEs) should be maintained is a controversial issue. This study mainly focuses on the influence of gender and psychological factors on periodic GHEs. To clarify the relationship between the factors mentioned above, a survey has been carried out in Hanoi and surrounding areas, collecting 2,068 valid observations; the dataset was then analyzed using the baseline category logit model. Results show that most people are afraid of discovering diseases through general health examinations (76.64%), and among them the psychological fear of illness detection appears to be stronger for females than for males (β1(male)=-0.409, P <0.001). People whose friends/relatives have experienced prolonged treatment tend to show more hesitation in taking physical check-ups (β2=0.221, P <0.05). In addition, more than 90% of participants believe that periodic health screenings should be performed once or twice a year. Also, the fear of disease detection as well as health check-up habits as shown in the time gap since the patient’s most recent GHE together contribute to an increase in the likelihood of attending periodic GHEs.