par Dumont, Jacques Emile ;Twyffels, Laure ;Van Sande, Jacqueline
Référence Annual Meeting of the European Thyroid Association (38: 06/09/2014-10/09/2014: Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
Publication Non publié, 2014
Poster de conférence
Résumé : The iodide uptake in the thyroid follicular lumen requires its first active transport by the Na+/I-symporter NIS, at the basal side followed by its efflux from the cell at the luminal side. The latter step is generally believed to be mediated by pendrin.We have identified a new candidate thyroid apical iodide channel (TAIC). We show that the TAIC is expressed in human and rat thyroid.To determine the properties of TAIC and pendrin we have expressed both pendrin and TAIC in HEK293T cells and compared their properties to those of the existing channel in PCCl3 and FRTL5 rat thyroid cell lines. The properties of TAIC but not those of pendrin nicely fit those of the channel functional in the cell lines. We therefore conclude that TAIC is a functional iodide channel in rat thyroid. It is not excluded that in different species several channels, including pendrin, may carry this function.