par Mekhitarian, Loucine ;Sobac, Benjamin ;Dehaeck, Sam ;Haut, Benoît ;Colinet, Pierre
Référence International Conference on Two-Phase Systems for Space and Ground Applications (ITTW) (11ème: 26-29 septembre 2016: Marseille, France)
Publication Non publié, 2016-09-27
Poster de conférence
Résumé : This study focuses on the dynamics of evaporation of wetting drops deposited on textured surfaces. On top of these surfaces, a pillar array with a square pitch is deposited. The triple line dynamics and the evaporation kinetics are characterized by an interferometric method. A parametric study is realized by varying the geometrical parameters of the texture, namely the pillar radius, the pillar height and the pitch distance. The study highlights some typical evaporation dynamics according to these parameters: evaporation with a receding triple line, with a pinned triple line or with a spreading triple line. These several evaporation dynamics are qualitatively in agreement with a theoretical model, highlighting that the motor of the triple line motion during the evaporation is governed by the competition between the spreading due to the capillarity and the receding due to the evaporation.