Ouvrage en collaboration
Résumé : Due to the unpredictable nature of organic fluorine in its participation in the formation of different supramolecular motifs which concomitantly influences the physicochemical properties of the compounds of interest, the study of noncovalent interactions involving organic fluorine will always be an expanding area of research amongst the scientific community. The participation of organic fluorine in the formation of intermolecular interactions has always been questioned. In this book chapter, we provide insights into new structural features, nature, and energetics associated with intermolecular interactions, namely C–H···F–C, C–F···F–C, C–F···X (N, O, S, halogen) from researchers across the world. The studies show that interactions involving fluorine are ubiquitous and play a central role in the existence of diversified solid state properties, namely polymorphism, crystal engineering, and cocrystallization.