par Marqués, Francisco Miguel;Benoit, Bénédicte ;D'Arrigo, Alberto;De Goes Brennand, Edna Gusmão E.;Hanappe, Francis ; [et al.]
Référence Physical review. C. Nuclear physics, 65, 4, page (440061-4400610), 044006
Publication Publié, 2002
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : A new approach to the production and detection of bound neutron clusters is presented. The technique is based on the breakup of beams of very neutron-rich nuclei and the subsequent detection of the recoiling proton in a liquid scintillator. The method has been tested in the breakup of intermediate energy (30-50 MeV/nucleon) 11Li, 14Be, and 15B beams. Some six events were observed that exhibit the characteristics of a multineutron cluster liberated in the breakup of 14Be, most probably in the channel 10Be+ 4n. The various backgrounds that may mimic such a signal are discussed in detail.