Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : This article starts its countdown from the spectral decade, that is the end of 1980s when French literature aimed at the desubstantialisation of characters and spatiotemporal fictional universes. In the first part, this notion, taken from physics and sociology, is the object of theorization; in the second part, some of its uses in the Marie Redonnet's novels including "Splendid Hôtel" (1986), "Forever Valley" (1986) and "Rose Mélie Rose" (1987) are presented. The analysis of this triptych focuses on semantic hollowness, the use of a minimal syntax, and the unconventional use of signs. Then, from outside the linguistic sphere, it addresses the desubstantialisation of modernity and of the characters who are caught in the circle of a capitalist, libidinal economy.