par De Clerck, Philippe ;Van Reusel, Hanne;Pak, Burak;Verbeke, Johan
Référence The City as a Commons: Reconceiving Urban Space, Common Goods and City Governance(1st Thematic IASC Conference on Urban Commons), Digital Library of the Commons
Publication Publié, 2015-12-03
Publication dans des actes
Résumé : The former railway site of Josaphat, in Brussels, is mainly lying bare. The Brussels Capital Region, the owner of the terrain, is finalising its development scheme (Schéma directeur) in the hope to provide a solid answer to the critical housing need in Brussels. Recognising this need but raising questions on the decision­ making and management process for the future development, the citizen collective Commons Josaphat (CJ) aims to negotiate the future development of the Josaphat site as an urban common. This is not an easy target within the Brussels urban development setting; most of the bottom ­up city ­making ventures cross upon rigorous barriers when reaching out to the decision ­making level.