Résumé : [en] Objective: The aim of the study was an exploratory research about the quality of the triadicfamily interactions across homo-parental families, in which the parental couple is composed by two women. The objectives have been: a) to investigate the quality of the triadic interactions of lesbo-parental families, by identifying specificity stings of strength and/or weakness; b) to compare the quality of lesbian headed families interactions with the data emerged by the literature on the triadic interactions in ``traditional families'' (Favez, Lavanchy Scaiola, Tissot, Darwiche, Frascarolo, 2010). Method: 10 lesbian headed families procreating through medically assisted procreation (IVF) have participated belonging to a not clinic population and recruit through associations and web sites devoted to homosexual couples and homo-parental families.The quality of the triadic interactions has been valued through the Lausanne Trilogue Play (LTP; Fivaz-Depeursinge e Corboz-Warnery, 1999). The biological mothers have a mean of 34.4 years (SD